Installation. Grub, https, Qt

Hello everybody!
I am pleasantly surprised how quickly a replacement for Antergos was created. And the new distro comes with the most friendly community. Nice!
I am still on Antergos, but want to install EndeavourOS as soon as possible. The new installer looks great, but I could not find the option to “NOT install the grub loader”, so I can manage it from another distro. I have 4 different OS on my machine, and with Antergos installer there was such an option. This is very important for me, and a must have. Maybe I missed something.
Also, on Antergos all mirrors had only http and not https. I had to manually change it. How is it in EndeavourOS?
Antergos came with some Qt-tools I never needed. Same with EndeavourOS. Will it be optional in the future? I like the fact, that Endeavour is light, but it could be even lighter :wink:

Please excuse my bad English :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello and welcome aboard!

The new ISO as of today and its installer has the option not to install a boot loader.

About mirrors, it is recommended to re-create file /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist with e.g. reflector, as it may not be optimal for your location right after install. With reflector options you can specify to use only https mirrors. For more info, use this terminal command:

reflector --help

Qt stuff is needed by quite many apps. Have you tried to remove those QT tools? And anyway, as EndeavourOS uses Arch packages directly, it is more or less a decision of the Arch devs.

We are going to provide an online installer in the Fall, and I believe (but not sure about it yet) that it will include a Minimal option for installling.

And there’s nothing wrong with your English! Quite many of us here are not native English speakers, me included.


I will point to my post about making an alias for reflector:


Thank you! This sounds great. I will try the new ISO, and read the post about reflector. Thanks again to you both!