Installation freezes

Installation freezes first at 14% and now at 39 % What is wrong?? I have been a Ubuntu user for more than 10 years and have installed it many times and have never had such issues… What is the problem?
I am installing the gnome DE and the default one…would that be the issue?

Welcome to the forum. Well this is not ubuntu but as you may know an arch based distro and you may need to learn a couple of new things. If you want us to help you during your arch journey, more system infos would be helpful.

First thing would be to tell us how you created the live usb?

Thank You Very Much… I created it using balena Etcher

there is no freeze… it is installing fine… but EndeavourOS is a netinstaller and the tool we use (calamares) does not show progress when it fetches packages from the net.

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Oh ok… well it is installing now… thank you very much!!!

Ok, that should be good. I have seen some others not working that well. The online install takes a bit depending on your internet speed. :wink:

Thank You Very Much!!! I am saying Goodbye to ubuntu today after more than 10 years


Welcome to the World of EnOS and the Universe of Arch @chicho1704!

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Good choice! However no problem hoping back and forth or using several systems.

I used ubuntu and debian based for about 10 years too, then manjaro a couple of years and then discovered eos!


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