Installation failure - SOLVED


Having problems installing. Trying to install Plasma.

  • Artemis Nova ISO on Ventoy
  • Updated the mirrors before installing
  • deleted all partitions in gparted, created a new gpt partition.
  • unticked the boxes for hwinfo, ipw2100 and ipw2200-fw
  • tried an offline install

is this the culprit? 2022-11-04 - 21:54:52 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: "error: target not found: grub-tools

Exactly. Uncheck it in the package selection section of the installer.
You should find it under EnOS base packages (or similar wording).

Also, I guess that the issue is not present in the latest ISO release.
Are you using and older one?


could be that the iso is a few months old yes

Alright then.
The better option would be to use the latest ISO if you can.

If not, try what I suggested above. Hopefully it all will work out fine.

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fixed! version_09 worked out flawlessly. Will remember that for next time. thx!