Installation failed - boost python

Error from python’s boost during bootloader installation

Seems like we need a python library for the installation that isn’t provided inside the iso file. What sould I do? Just checked checksum of the iso file, it is the right one

Could you post the entirety of the install log for people in the know to know what they are looking at?

Provide Installer Logs (calamares ISO LiveSession):

While you are still on the ISO LiveSession logs are stored insid elivuswers home:


You can open with texteditor or from filebrowser… or send via tools (needs internet connection):

cat ~/endeavour-install.log | eos-sendlog

you can simply share the short URL it produces inside a terminal.

Also are you using manual or automatic install?
Are you reusing the ESP already on the disk? Is it perhaps too small?

send the log…
the output in the window is only a snipped that ony shows in what script and line the install causes an error. that’s not a missing lib.
ISO is working and tested by a lot of users :wink:


There is an issue with the ESP (efi system partition) could be you tried to reuse the one existing, and it was not able to use it because it was in unclean state or 205 other things. One other mentioned by uncle @pebcak already :wink:

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