Installation ERROR

Hi there. Sorry for my dirty ugly english.
I tried to install ENDEAVOUROS on my X230 Thinkpad laptop. Dosnt work.

I download the .iso, check the MD5sum, flash on a USB, boot on live .I used Gparted before the installation to clean thhe HDD.

I use the option “Erase the disk” for the installation, and after 9% of completion i have an error like this :

Thank yo so much for your help

Hello, OursBlanc, welcome to the EndeavourOS family.:grinning:
I think you have to create a new partition table like msdos or gpt in gparted.
start gparted -> Device -> Create Partition Table -> Optionally select a different partition table type from the list (msdos for bios systems or gpt for UEFI systems).
I hope, this can help you.

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I was going to do the same answer. Looks like you’re french, like me. @Bryanpwo, what about a french speaking section in the forum?

There already is one since the beginning of the forum.

Never noticed it! :man_facepalming:

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I started here in english to have more answer ; its fine :slight_smile:

What ? @FredBezies here ! That’s a suprise !

So… I followed the @antec1 comments… I created a MSDOS partition table (i repeat : my HDD was clean just with an empty .ext4 volume) and nowadays i have another error :

i dont understand :cry:

thank al ot for your help

Well… Trying to create a crypted volume? Could be the “bug” here. Calamares is not in the best shape for them now :frowning:

Well, as far as I know.

@OursBlanc your English is fine. Welcome.

encryption works only if a single partition is encrypted, and will fail on every other way to use it, known bug on calamares with archbased installes.