Installation error "Cannot create a new partition table"

As title and image says. I have an old-ish spare PC which had Ubuntu installed, but I want to wipe the entire HDD in order to install Endeavour instead. Live session boots without issues, Calamares launches smoothly… But when the actual installation is about to begin, it instead stops dead and displays the error message shown on the pic. This happens no matter if I am using online or offline installation, and it also happens with both the Nouveau and Nvidia live sessions.

The PC in question has 8GB RAM, a 500 GB HDD with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using LVM. It also has an Nvidia GPU (GTX 1050).

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Run this command in a terminal and post the output here, please.

inxi -M

If it shows your serial numbers, you can remove those before posting.

Assuming that you have already backed up your valuable data from the Ubuntu install, I would suggest to create a new partition table on the disk before launching the installer.

If your system supports booting in UEFI mode, choose GPT (Guid Partition Table).

You could use Gparted for this. Perhaps also KDE’s partition manager but I’m not that familiar with it.

looks like there is a volume group… you may want to clean that off the drive before installing

adding z option … like:

inxi -Maz removes most serials and stuff…

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