Install Xerox 3225 multifunction printer LAN connected

The scanner works without problems.

This printer was working fine for me on Manjaro.

I don’t have problems installing it, as the computer detects it without any problem.
However when I print the test page it says this:

Procesando - "No se ha podido localizar la impresora "XRX9C934E46FB84.local"."

I’ve checked what is indicated in ‘Printers’ over discovery, and I don’t see where the problem could be.

The ping to the printer works without problems

Any idea what I should be looking for?

Firewall? Disable it, retry, if it works - renable and configure the firewall.

At work - no access to Linux machine, but home in a bit.

Check out this article, it covers network-printers and firewall, too.

I was able to install it as follows:

  • Manual installation
  • Choose the LPD/LPR option
  • In the Connection indicate lpd://ip-printer/cola


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