Install progress, but still cannot update EOS

Trying to get current EOS up & running on my mid-2011 MacMini, my saga continues…

By installing from the Feb 2021 legacy ISO, finally got an older version of EOS installed, with functional wifi and it now seems happy to be alive.

BUT I keep hitting a wall trying to update to current packages via pacman (or yay). Specifically, I get key/keyring errors.

Having read through the’s coverage of pacman & keyring pages, my various attempts thus far have failed, including…

  • # rm -rf etc/pacman.d/gnupg (then confirmed directory is gone and starting fresh)
  • # pacman-key --init (creating the keyring, followed by)
  • # pacman-key --populate (and then back to…)
  • $ sudo pacman -Syyu

and the errors I keep getting are as seen here…

I guess I could ask over in Arch World what I’m doing incorrectly, but since this particular error cites an source (and yes, this community is so awesome and responsive) I thought I’d try my luck here :wink:

Any insights shared would be appreciated. I’m getting oh-so-close to the finish line, I can see it from here.

Try this:

sudo pacman -Sy endeavouros-keyring

Many thanks for your quick suggestion!

When I invoke that line and respond “Y” to proceeding, after confirming that all the databases are up-to-date, I soon get an error message that the endeavouros-keyring is from an untrusted source (clearly I trust it!) but regardless of whether I say “y” or “n” to proceed, it still breaks the process, refusing to proceed with the transaction. :person_shrugging:

Try this:

sudo pacman -U endeavouros-keyring-20230523-1-any.pkg.tar.zst

Wow! Your guidance has gotten me past the prior errors … currently the update is working through about 800 packages which will likely take a while, so lets consider this issue resolved!

If I hit another snag before the finish line, it would likely be a separate issue.


[UPDATE: The mid-2011 MacMini is fully up-to-date with current versions of everything. Now, as is my usual habit, I’m off to break something again :wink: ]


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