Install Options Disable After Unmounting

So yesterday while installing Endeavour OS Plasma , I got a error stating failed to run pacstrap failed to run Pacman because I forgot to update my mirrors and it was unable to download some files.

After updating the mirrors , I opened my partition manager and saw the root partition supposed to be installed from the previous installation attempt mounted at tmp/Calameres smthing like dat . I unmounted it and deleted the efi and root partition from the previous installation attempt.

After which when I opened the installer and proceeded with it , the erase disk and install alongside options were gone .

Now this isn’t a issue but rather a question. How did the installation failure and me Unmounting it cause these two options to not be there ?


You answer your own question. You modified the partition

Normally when I would boot into the iso , deleting previous partitions from a previous installation is what I would do .

Then launching the installer would show the two not shown options , but here it did not .

What ya think , installation failure or me Unmounting Calameres mnt point caused it ?

since i dont have a clue to what you do i couldn’t honestly say. I never have to do anything special with the installer just overwrite the current root / boot partition since i have home on a separate disk

See ,
Boot iso
Delete boot and home partitions
Run installer , proceed
Install started
Fails to run Pacman due to mirrors and 0kb speed install failed

I open kde partition manager
Delete boot and home partitions from failed installation
Home was for some reason mounted at tmp/Calameres smthing like dat

Re run installer
Doesn’t show erase disk or install alongside options

Now , do you get it ? See I am not being pesty , just trying to provide an insight into my issue.

In some cases VCalamares is not able to unmount the tmp mounted filesystem used for install, in this case if you do restart calamares without rebooting it happens that it is still mounted what leads into the issue you see with options not visible…
You can run forcingly umount it before restarting calamares:

sudo umount -l /tmp/calamares-root-XnXnXn
XnXnXn needs to replaced with gteh ending it has (thats a random number)

May possible to fix this… for the future…


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