Install Openbox from XFCE conflicting packages

Hello, I have an install of Endeavour’s XFCE currently and followed the instructions to install Openbox from the Github page, however I run into the issue of conflicting packages and when I try to remove one it leads to more conflict.

Here is what comes up in the terminal;

looking for conflicting packages…
:: pulseaudio and pipewire-pulse are in conflict. Remove pipewire-pulse? [y/N]
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: pulseaudio and pipewire-pulse are in conflict
[user@computer openbox]$ sudo pacman -R pipewire-pulse
checking dependencies…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing pipewire-pulse breaks dependency ‘pulseaudio’ required by paprefs

hmm i am not sure what is having pulseaudio as a dependency… as we do install pipewire per-default now… but pipewire-pulse is replacing the functionality of pulseaudio.
b.t.m. it could be causing issues in some ways not 100% solved upstream …

the only package from the list i can think of is:


you could try removing it from the packages-repository.txt list.
and paprefs indeed has it as a dependency… and can be safely removed as it do not work on pipewire.

But if you can not solve dependency hell you could go for installing pulseaudio before starting with installing openbox… and revert to pipewire after it is finished…

I removed pasystray from the packages-repository.txt list and removed paprefs.
Conflict message persisted.

I was able to get the install to finish without error by installing pulseaudio which asked
for confirmation on removing pipewire. So I guess I just swapped one for the other.

Initial testing of audio seems to work fine as well.

Also, thank you for your assistance, now to have fun configuring Openbox.

after your question i have done a testinstall with xfce4 from ISO and run the script what doe snot produce any issue with pulseaudio package…

And it is totally fine to use pulseaudio if all is working what you need…
But pipewire has a lot improvements over pulseaudio alone…

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