Install on external USB disk

I installed EndeavourOS on the main harddisk of my home computer: absolutely no difficulties and no problems. Vice versa, it was not possible to install it, on the same computer, in an external SSD connected via USB 3.0 and recognized by the installer (this operation has always been successful with Gentoo). Once prepared the partitions (ESP, / and swap), the installer refuses to proceed with the installation and it is necessary to abandon. Thanks for an help.

Hello @giocitta
Installing EndeavourOS on an external SSD via USB 3.0 should be fairly straight forward. I have done it myself many times.

Edit: I just installed it on an external USB 3.0 SSD

I booted into the liveusb and had the external SSD connected. I started the online installer and used the whole disc. Because i had already installed on this disc i deleted the current partitions. Then i created a 300M EFI partition and marked it /boot/efi and /boot and marked fat32. Then i created an 8000M swap partition as swap, then i created a root partition marked / as ext4, and a home partition as ext4. Then i continued on to select xfce in the online selection and started the installer. After it installed i booted onto the external SSD and i removed os-prober and grub-tools and ran sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg The reason i do this is so it only has the currently installed xfce in the grub menu and doesn’t pick up my other OS’s off my computer. Now i can plug it in and run it and update it without it affecting my other system and not adding them to the grub. I didn’t make any changes and left it to just a vanilla install. I did make a large root partition and it doesn’t need to be that large but this is just an example.


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Hi ricklinux, I did nearly exactly as you did: only a difference, I chose the offline selection. Now I’ll try the online selection and follow your suggestion.s Thanks. I’ll keep you informed.

You can do Offline also. It makes no difference. The Offline install is themed. With the online install you can theme Xfce or you can leave it vanilla and it can be changed at any time with the welcome screen.