Install on an old iMac?

New here, not to Arch, wondering if the ISO would work on an old iMac, it’s the base 2010 model and Apple has abandoned the hardware but would love to play around with Arch/Linux on it vs sitting in a corner before getting tossed out
I’m at work ATM so haven’t downloaded the ISO and tried booting off it

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Welcome to the forums. I learn something new just about every day here, hope it’s the same for you. Even when I’m trying to help someone else, I end up learning in the process.

Enjoy your time with EndeavourOS, and with the most friendly forum I’ve been on.

This iMac can handle Linux without any problems, it’s the newer Mac hardware that has trouble with Linux.
I have EndeavourOS also installed on an old MacbookPro from 2009 without any problems.

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Amusingly enough I got familiar with Linux systems well before I ever gained ownership of a Mac. Never realized how similar the two operating systems are until I tried running a bunch of bash commands in my Mac’s terminal and found most of them worked! Then I learned about their shared roots in UNIX, and came to realize that all along it’s been Windows that’s the oddball among these three.

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I’m getting back into Linux because of macOS
I work support for Mac users and there’s talk of a Linux group also, so it made sense to get back into it
Pretty sure I can also eventually convert my Windows system to Linux, as much as I would like to, never seem to have the time to game as much anymore