Install next to another Linux distrib


I have Pop OS installed on a partition of my hard disk and I would like to install Endeavouros on another partition.

Endeavouros will install Grub2 and I am afraid of loosing access to my Pop OS. I am currently using Refind as boot manager.

How to create a USB disk just to boot on my current Pop OS installation before installing Endeavouros?


If you’re asking how to create a boot disk for Pop_OS! then that might be better directed to the Pop_OS! forum.

If you’re asking whether EndeavourOS will be able to boot Pop_OS!, then the answer is yes.

If you’re asking whether you can use rEFInd with EndeavourOS, then the answer is yes.


Just afraid of not being able to boot on Pop OS where I have all my work. I want to switch to EndeavourOS step by step.
According to your reply, I will be able to boot on POP_OS! just after the install of EndeavourOS, so let’s go for it, no need of any boot disk :slight_smile:

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I’m triple booting W10, Mint, and EOS on a single SSD. This setup has never given me any trouble. In general if you install Windows first, non-arch Linux second, and arch-based Linux last it will work fine. EOS will hijack the EFI boot partition when it installs GRUB but it will offer you the choice of OS in the pre-boot environment.

Another thing to note is that entering the ‘BIOS’ will usually allow you to pass control back to the rEFInd entry - OR after booting any Linux, efibootmgr will allow re-ordering the “who has control” list any way you like. I’m running 5 distros on this machine (8 on another) under control of rEFInd - without problems accessing any of them.

Doesn’t Pop use systemd-boot? If so will rEFInd/Grub be able to boot that as well?

Hello all from EndeavarousOS.

Grub has been well hijacked. I’ve been afraid for a while I encrypted my partitionand and at boot the keyboard is not in french for numbers so I had the error message:
error: access denied
error: no such cryptodisk found
Which is not a clear message telling “wrong password”.

I think I will have a lot of fun with EndeavourOS, really excited :smiley:

Thank you all for your help.

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Step 0: make a backup.


Step 1: test the backup.


Doesn’t matter to rEFInd - it’ll find it and boot it anyway (the same way that systemd-boot does, actually).

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To me, that's part of step 0 ;)

After all, if you haven’t tested your backup, you don’t have a backup…

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