Install i3wm alongside gnome 42

I really like i3wm but am interested to install it along with another DE. Until now xfce worked out quite well. My question, does anyone have experience with running i3wm with EOS theming and gnome 42?

Can both be installed at the same time for one user from the online installer? any conflicts to think about?

I had gnome, i3, kde and xfce running on my system, all at the same time. They were installed together too.
Thats how I started using :enos: actually
I used a different user for each DE and I had no issue.

good to know. I would like to use the same user, else would need to somehow share files and folders. How did you deal with that?

You can symlink folders from one user to another.

Looks like something I would get confused and screw up fast on my system. :laughing: I guess the key would be to set up two users with different config files. Or maybe I need to start i3wm vanilla, and install after gnome. My preference would be the same user for both login sessions. Just switch it depending on my mood or task of the day.

It can work. Especially because it is a combination of WM with a DE.

Try it out!!



I’ve never gotten it working.

Plus pop tiling extension, so I never tried excessively hard after my first couple failures.

Edit, along side, nevermind.

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I should have started at the beginning of labor day weekend, not the evening before work :grin:

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I think my experimentation and the things I’ve explored in linux is because it isn’t my daily driver :rofl:. I can afford to be reckless and have a YOLO attitude :smiling_imp:

if I manage, I can share my config file. Essentials would be to modify the eos script and use nautilus and other gnome apps instead of xfce. Theming might be tricky for icons, would have to check, but both xfce and gnome are gtk based after all. Many current tools seem to be in line with xfce in i3wm themed eos.

I have never heard of that, but I probably have a super extreme yolo attitude, because I use linux as daily driver and mess around with my installs sometimes when I shouldnt. But on the other hand, I have a nextcloud server at home, backup of all my files is key :wink:

edit: and now I have chezmoi and config files to get things set up and installed quickly!

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That seems to be the case.
I have all my files backed up via synching (basically local backups across multiple computers) and all my config files via chezmoi. So if my arm development machine borks due to the things I put it through, I can nuke and pave and have a development environment running in 30 minutes.

thats a really essential one…

It’s all I use recently. Plasma + bismuth is my second favorite. The only thing I like better about gnome is the touchpad gestures.

Screenshot from 2022-09-05 18-22-48

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looks nice, is that a workspace gnome extension on upper right bar?

Can confirm