Install EOS on new system - err -19

I got a new system because the mainboard of my old system suddenly died.

Today I tried to install EOS on this new system and I always get the following error when I boot from my live USB Stick:

Config failed, hub doesn’t have any ports! (err -19)

I already booted in this live USB Stick but I decided to update the bios before I install EOS. After this bios update I only get the error mentioned above. Any idea what could be wrong? I guess some bios setting has changed with the update but I don’t know which one…

Not sure but check if there is any setting permitting USB boot that needs to be enabled.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, try other USB ports and see if you get the same result.

Put your old SSD to your new system, if nothing happens manually boot EFI file to reach GRUB and pick the fallback kernel.

I randomly disabled USB controller in the BIOS until the error went away. After that I had some problems because EOS didn’t seem to like that my display was plugged into the mainboard display port instead of the GPU port but after I “resolved” that I was able to boot into it and install EOS.

I’m not sure if my mainboard is borked in some way because for some reason it just doesn’t play well if I plug my displays directly into the GPU… (that was the reason why my displays were connected to the mainboard in the first place) I hope I don’t have to return it because I’m not very eager to disassemble everything again -.-

It also seems that I’m not the only one that has a bad experience with this mainboard (Reddit - Aorus X670E Xtreme… Xtreme-ly slow). For now my recommendation would be to stay "clear from the Gigabyte X670E Aorus Xtreme… too expensive and a lot of hassle/problems…