Install Endeavouros to Raspberry Pi 3

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Well, did it work?

The RB Pi uses an ARM RISC processor (got my first ARM processor in 1989 in the Acorn Archimedes). They work very differently and don’t need as much power and storage. I have an RPi 3B+, I wonder If Endeavour OS ARM would work on it, that would be wild, but it has 1 GB of RAM. Maybe with a Windows Manager, it might work.
I also have a Pinebook Pro, but it’s damaged from the rain (somebody forgot to bring it in :wink:) so its not working now.

Well, on one of my pi 4’s I have archlinuxarm with I3WM running…
uses about 400MB of ram idle…
I rarely exceed 1GB of ram, put I’m mostly using CLI based software on that one…

since archlinuxarm has a base image for the RPI3, I suppose it might be possible to run EOS on there?
maybe @Pudge can confirm this?

Go to here and get the desktop install instructions
First off, be sure to use a good quality UHC1 micro SD card at least 32 GB in size. See the first page of the instructions for choosing a micro SD card.
The instructions pdf will come up in a basic github pdf viewer. Click on Download and the pdf will be in a browser window where one can print or save the pdf.

Go to this web page, and click on the Installation Tab
It has instructions for both an armv7h (32 bit) OS and an aarch64 (64 bit) OS. The instructions are the same for both, except at step 5 a different tar ball image is downloaded and installed.

Once you have the Archlinux Arm base install on the micro SD card. Start following the instructions starting at page 5.

Theoretically, it should run on a RPi3. It might be a little laggy at times due to the 10/100 Mbit ethernet, and USB 2 ports, and possibly due to 1 MB RAM.

I would try MATE to start with. If that is acceptable, you could try another DE on a spare micro SD card.

If you do this, be sure to let us know how it turned out as far as usability.