Install EndeavourOS through PXE

Hi there.

I’ve been looking through the forum the last days to find some info on how to install EndeavourOS through PXE, but could not find any. As this is supported for Arch, I’ve imagined that it would be the case here also. After doing some tweaking in my local setup I could not manage to achieve this. Is it possible, to start with and if yes, is there a guide for it?

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Thank you @jonathon, you’ve been most helpful.

Not sure what more to say - PXE isn’t a target even if it might be possible, and there is no guide. :person_shrugging:

There are a lot of ways to say something. I did not post to make anyone solve the problem for me. Let’s leave it at this, thus as you said there is nothing more to say. Thanx again.

May be it helps to google more generic. I played around a bit with booting an ubuntu iso via pxe over network, but that’s now more than five years ago and I don’t have any documentation left…

Try google with “pxe boot iso” - an inststurction for i. e. ubuntu should be easily adaptable to endeavour iso.

Or are you looking for an unattended installation vie pxe?

Hi Peter. Thank you for your attention but it’s not necessary, really. I have a PXE server setup for 2 years now booting arch, clonezilla and other useful live tools, so I’ll figure it out eventually. And to answer your question, no not fully unattended. User input will be required. Thanx again.

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