Informational: General Theming Tips

If you have tips to share that are Desktop Environment or Window Manager agnostic; feel free to share here!

I started my Linux journey with at DE as I’m sure quite a few people have. I’ve recently moved to trying out WMs to see what they’re about. During this process I discovered that not all apps respected my system theme/style choices I made in my initial DE configuration. After some research and testing I found three tools that should help new WM users with their system and application appearances.

These tools will also work for those who don’t start with a DE and just install a WM.
They should take care of most system/app theming, but you will still have to configure your WM, Bars, and Docks, etc separately.

  1. lxappearance
  2. gtk-chtheme
  3. qt5ct or qt5ct-kde (the kde version is supposed to work better if you use any kde apps)

While lxappearance is a LXDE app, it doesn’t have any dependencies, is lightweight, and works quite well on its own.

Finally, here’s a couple of wiki pages that will also help:

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