Include sha512 value on the EndeavourOS page question

I was about to download the EndeavourOS image, but suddenly I had this idea.
I’m wonder is it intentional to omit the sha512 value on the download page?
I see, that mirrors deliver that. Are there plans to include the sha512 value on the official EndeavourOS page?


You are refering to this page?

Or do you mean the torrents? they only have the ISO file itself.
But you are totally right i just added the sha512sum under the links:

welcome here at the purple side b.t.w. :enos:

And thanks for the hint!


That is exactly what I mean. It’s lightning fast answer. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much :bowing_man: :+1:

We do need such contribution thats how we get better every day !

You are welcome :enos: :fist:

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