In the realm of desktop delight

In the realm of desktop delight,
There’s one that stands out in sight.
KDE Plasma, oh so fine,
A true work of digital design.

With its sleek panels and widgets galore,
Customization at your very core.
From dark mode to light and bright,
Your workspace is an aesthetic delight.

The applications, they do abound,
In the KDE community sound.
Dolphin file manager, Kate text editor,
GIMP for graphics, no need for a vendor.

Activities keep things organized,
Efficiency at a premium, recognized.
Virtual desktops, switch with ease,
Each one tailored to meet your needs.

Notifications, never miss a beat,
Discreetly appear then politely retreat.
Shortcuts make power users smile,
Productivity miles, style after mile.

Security is not forgotten here,
AppArmor keeps threats at bay, clear.
Wayland support, modern and new,
Smooth experiences, Plasma does pursue.

Breathtaking artistry, open source pride,
Join us on this journey far and wide.
Experience freedom like you’ve never known,
Embrace the elegance only KDE has grown.

By HuggingChat

PS. Maybe I should have enabled the “search web” function before asking: “Please write me a poem about KDE Plasma!” :wink: :sweat_smile: