In the event of an irregular shutdown, the Windows partition must be checked with multiboot

Last time I probably shut down the laptop with the power button (MBR, legacy BIOS SSD). It was running Windows before. The next time I logged into EOS, I couldn’t mount the Windows NTFS partition and had to run a chkdsk twice. Who has experienced this, so far this has not happened, although the irregular shutdown has probably happened at other times, but this was new to me.

That is pretty typical. When you hard shutdown against a disk that is in-use, it can easily cause filesystem corruption.

Likely all you would of had to do is to boot back into Windows and shut down correctly before trying to boot into Linux.

Yes, but in the meantime the battery of the laptop was completely discharged, and after the next power-on after it was fully charged, I obviously forgot to log in to Windows, because I use EOS anyway as a priority.

You can also try ntfsfix

Thanks. I haven’t watched this yet. It just happened for the first time, so it hasn’t caused so many problems so far.