In order to combat my compulsatory updating

…I installed Pamac (pamac-aur-git to be precise) again and set it to check only every 12 hours. :wink:

I just let my conky tell me if there anything lined up and waiting
but that’s just me. I try to keep the updates down to twice a day - but when it says over 100, I do it anyway!


Well that is stylish!

Ah, which arrive in 9.5.0beta version yesterday? Just look at about version of it :slight_smile:

Signed: another compulsatory updater :smiley:


Actually I installed it just before that I think, because the first update I did after that included an update for it… :slight_smile:

You are a tease! You impress us but don’t share the code!

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Sure I will. However, first search the forums for conkywx ( a lua toolkit for conky, originally for weather only, but has lots of other ‘widgets’ now). So - here’s the code, but it won’t do you much good without conkywx installed! :smile:

${image ${template2} -p 5,1 -s 85x85}
${voffset -85}${goto 105}${font Ailerons:size=40}${color1}E${goto 130}n${goto 155}d${goto 180}e${goto 205}a${goto 230}v${goto 255}o${goto 280}u${goto 305}r${color2}O${goto 370}S${font}
${voffset -8}${goto 320}${font Ubuntu-Title:bold:size=20}${color1}2${offset 1}0${offset 1}2${offset 1}0${font}
${voffset -30}${font DroidSans:size=10}${color2}${goto 120}${lua pacman_update}${font}
${voffset -10}${color2}${hr 1}

the ${lua pacman_update} call gets its info from a systemd service - and template2 is:

template2 = /usr/share/endeavouros/EndeavourOS-icon.png',

which should work for most of the DE’s Endeavour provides.

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You guys should be careful and seek help for this addiction or you might become developers! :slight_smile:

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are you defining template2 in the script above or the file path is the contents of it?

I was a mainframe programmer for 16 years. I’m retired now but I still dabble.

template2 is defined as shown - in the conky.config part of the main file. It is ‘called’ in the script section from conky.text - where it is used to specify the filepath/name to the ${image} command. Hope that’s clear! I did the same thing in the conky for deepin - and for the same display (logo) too.

I used to program too, on C64(!), C128 (BASIC and assembly), Amiga (C, Modula-2 and assembly) and later on PC (db5 and C and VB5,6). Now I just do conkys and beginning lua - along with a bit of bash and C (usually in support of conkys). It is strange, but as you get older you can’t keep several hundred variables in mind anymore - which kind of slows things down :smile:

I didn’t know that those are still used these days. I am still at it but will retire if the project I’m working on pays off. Love coding and tweaking. :slight_smile:

Mostly not - they are not object-oriented, which has for some unknown reason taken over the programming world. we ended up with a multitude of different languages - many of them to do the same thing! (just personal prejudice there). As I mentioned, almost all of my coding an tweaking is now conky related - even if the other languages are used. At least GCC still allows vanilla C to be compiled!

Ironically COBOL programmers are in high demand at the moment…almost more than during Y2k because of all the old government servers running the unemployment software that has buckled due to the demand. That’s what I spent most of my time coding.

Well - at least it still pays! I though about joining your ranks back in the late 90’s - for the surety of continued demand - but didn’t end up doing it. One thing - it gets your thoughts to come out in complete sentences!

But how do i combat desktop hopping? If we add more desktops it’s just feeding the addiction! :astonished:

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