Improved OSK in GNOME 43? Extension currently incompatible

The improved-osk extension adds a feature for the OSK to pop up upon tapping a text entry field in tablet mode. It didn’t appear in Extensions after using ‘git clone’, so I found it with ‘yay osk’, installed it, and confirmed it’s indeed not compatible with GNOME 43.
However, Fedora 37 has the improved OSK behavior in tablet mode by default. Upon tapping a text entry field in Fedora 37 in tablet mode, the OSK appears. Therefore, I know this behavior is currently possible in GNOME 43. I just don’t know how Fedora is configured for this to work.

On another note, where did I go wrong with ‘git clone’? Should I have used /usr/share/ below? That’s where it went when I used yay. Also, thanks!

$ git clone ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/