Importing Chrome bookmarks from my phone into Chromium

Does anyone know if it’s necessary, or even possible, to export bookmarks from the Chrome browser so that they can be used in Chromium?

I mean…it definitely isn’t necessary. :sweat_smile:

But it should be possible. At least it was last time I used chrome.

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Assuming you have a Google account you can login to it from Chrome or Chromium to access bookmarks.

IIRC, with chromium you cannot synchronize bookmarks anymore. Google removed this feature for chromium about one year ago.

You may not be able to do a straight copy from Chrome but you can import bookmarks HTML file and you can also import Firefox settings.

So if you have Chrome bookmarks, export to a bookmarks.html and import it or import Firefox settings.

I often export my Firefox settings anyway and typically have them available.

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I use xbrowsersync to keep Brave, Chrome (not used much anymore), and Firefox bookmarks in sync. If xbrowsersync can be installed in Chromium, you might be in business.

Note: export your bookmarks first, unless the developer has improved the onboarding.

xbrowsersync may help you out; I find for my needs that saving bookmarks in an HTML file and importing it to any other browser is a portable solution that doesn’t take much time or effort.

Does the mobile version support that?

Well, I had just started using Firefox again and noticed some bookmarks in there that I haven’t used in ages since I’d switched over to Chrome/Chromium. Now I want to bring those back over to Chromium, only problem is that Firefox generates it’s bookmarks file in JSON format (weird) but Chromium wants, you guessed it, HTML Can anyone suggest a good way to convert JSON files to HTML?

In Firefox, go into the bookmarks manager and export them as HTML

Right; that is what I have been advocating; you can export bookmarks to an HTML file, typically bookmarks.html; and then most browsers have a feature to import and export them; check your specific browser; I have seen it in some, but not all mobile browsers. I generally choose a browser that DOES allow this feature.

Check your browser yourself and learn what it can and can’t do.

  1. Go to
  2. Login and choose what data you want to take out (Chrome bookmarks, browsing history etc.)
  3. Check your Gmail.
  4. Download the zip file, extract and there you go.