Important Notifications override user settings?

Is it possible for those who run the forum to set it up such as that Important Notifications will override whatever settings notifications the user has made in his profile?

I missed the grub notification today.

I lose my notification settings whenever I close Firefox, because it is set up to clear all site settings. From the top of my head, I don’t remember exactly why I have this setting, but I know that it is important to me, and that I get very irritated very soon if it is somehow turned on.

I seem to remember that there are forum where Important Notifications will do this.

Oh wait, now it seems to function as I described above. But rather late.

I think your forum settings are stored server-side so I don’t think this would matter.

But the forum gives me a pop-up often, asking about notification settings. I oblige, but seem to lose the setting when I close Firefox. I figured it was because of clearing site settings, but I may be mistaken.

That is probably your browser.

Does your browser allow you to permanently whitelist this site for notifications?


In any case, now I get notifications about the grub thing. So it seems to work. But it was rather late, several hours after the first post.

I don’t think Firefox will do a per site exception. It will do that for cookies though, I use an extension as well for that. Perhaps there is an extension that will do the same for site setting? Such as Cookie Autodelete for cookies?

Well, I guess the answer to question is no, we can’t override your browser settings. :wink:

Firefox does allow exceptions (“white list”) to such things as pop ups, too…


I’m aware of that, haha, but I figured it might be possible to force certain notifications to all users. It works that way for PM notifications, for example. I get those, regardless of me blocking popups in Firefox.

I actually get notification now, in the form of a small purple circle over my left top corner profile pic. It notifies about replies in the IMportnant Notification thread. So it sorta works as an ersatz notification for Important stuff. But too late in this case.

Great, I’ll look into that!

Honestly, even if we could, I don’t think overriding the users settings would be the right thing to do.

Especially since you can set separate notifications for each category yourself.

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You mean “the wrong thing to do”?

Err…sort of…I need to fix that. Certainly it was backwards before. :sweat_smile:

I think I just received a browser notification that it wasn’t the wrong thing to not do. :wink:

I think I’ve got a headache about notification, browser and forum Logic right now. Must be suffering from btrfs PSTD.

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