ImageMagick now supports farbfeld format

ImageMagick, the best CLI tool for editing images, now supports Suckless farbfeld format. How exciting! ImageMagick was already the least sucky way to edit images and now it sucks even less!

Now, I’m completely aware that the average user here could hardly care less about this, but I’m absolutely chuffed and I just had to share my excitement regarding this fantastic news!



I mean…It’s nice i guess :upside_down_face:

The RGB-data should be sRGB for best interoperability and not alpha-premultiplied.

Can’t say that i’m a big fan of that format though…since for someone with 10 bpc monitor - sRGB sucks a lot :rofl:

What is cool though, is ability to glitch it with some tools :yum:

What I love about it is that it is similar to TARGA format, meaning it’s trivially easy and super performant to read and write it. You don’t need any third-party libraries, just a couple of lines of C code and you have it. So you can use ImageMagick to turn your PNG into farbfeld, do manipulations on it with your simple and super fast C programme, and then use ImageMagic to turn it back into PNG or whatever format you want. Or you can compress it and keep it as a compressed farbfeld. Super easy, and fast.

I used to use TARGA for that, but farbfeld is superior. I am really happy about this :grin: