Image freeze during gaming

I’ve had this for a while and sometimes it’s occational, sometimes it’s frequent, and in some games it does not show up at all.

Right now I am playing Blasphemous 2 and occationally (a few times in half an hour) the image freezes for 1 - 30 seconds. The game keeps running. When the freeze is over I can play normally again a while til next time. I can press buttons (so I always go into the menu to “pause” the game).

I had this issue with Dusk as well.

Other games I play do not have this issue.

I’m running nvidia 1650Ti if that makes any difference.

I don’t know where to even start to look here. Any suggestions?

Hello, :smiley:
If you take note of the time it is, when it happens, maybe you could then go take a look in the journal for a corresponding error.

Sometimes, the knowledgeable members on the forum can link a specific error message with a possible fix and that gives us the users, a way to learn and share between us.

$ journalctl -b0 -p3

I like to learn with the man page this particular useful command :face_with_monocle:

$ man journalctl

Happy new year! :wave:

It will be useful to add as well, whether you are using Steam Play or Lutris to play your game and maybe launch options if you are using them?

Will try to see if I can find something next time it happens.

Lutris it seems to not happen.

I use no launch options.

Sadly there was nothing here.

It’s strange because only some games do this. Also, it’s only the image that freezes. The game goes on in the background.

This is a long shot …
But since it’s different games ( I see them as a different calculating process with different loads on the transistors of the GPU … a bit like different BOINC mathematical projects that bring different levels of HEAT to manage … )
Could there be a heat issue that the software says it’s to it’s maximum, for protection purposes ?

Maybe monitoring of the temps, just to take out that possibility. My 2¢ :sweat_smile:

I really doubt it as then the game would freeze as well. Right?

For me, the game goes on, just that the image freezes.

I will try to monitor temperature for sure. It’s something to look into in anycase. :slight_smile:

I think adding launch option “gamemoderun %command%” made it slightly better though that might also not be true. Feels slightly better I guess.