I'm trying to give more exposure to EndeavourOS

Hello fellow members,
Posted a thread on another forum where I am an older member.
Just posted there, trying to tell the world about us.

Well, I’m just trying and hope that people will flock to our forum and will try Endeavour OS.
Thanks again Devs and all forum members!


They will !
Possible you tell more about what you are trying to achieve and what kind of soft support you may need ?

Blessings !

Simply have people coming here and try Linux - Endeavour.
Support- for the moment none for myself.
If need arise, I will simply ask, I know that I will receive quick answers.

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Erh… When I click on your link:

The requested thread could not be found.

Try now

It works better indeed :slight_smile:

Maybe you can change the link in your first post… :thinking:

Link works in the first post.

hello,yes it works again

Great post. I think you hit the spot there mentioning a great OS with the latest software where the user has control over his system and can tweak or adjust as he likes (and is willing to learn something about his hard- and software). :+1: