I'm new to arch based distros and need help installing XRender

title says it all, I switched 2 days ago to endeavour, I used to use debian based distros (I use KDE plasma if that’s of any help), I googled for it but found nothing, how do I get XRender? in debian based distros it was always there so I have 0 idea what to do
all help is appreciated, thx in advance

xrender was removed from plasma.

Those other distros are running an older version of plasma but eventually it will be removed there as well.

Out of curiosity, why do you need it? It generally performs quite poorly.

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oh, I see
tbh the reason I want XRender is that it gives better transparency for taskbar and app launcher, well thx for the answer anyways

Better in what way? If you explain maybe we can help?

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