Im new here

Hello everyone, I am new to EndeavourOS. I just came from a different distro. I installed the Plasma version and love everything about it. Thank you developers for your hard work



Welcome to Endeavour!

A warm welcome to you theremper!

Welcome aboard! I hope you’ll find this the perfect mix of flexibility, hands-on and simple installation as I did :slight_smile:

@theremper Welcome! As I am new to Endeavour OS, and new to Gnu Linux in general, I would like to officially welcome you to the community. I hope you enjoy this outstanding OS as much as I and others are doing. Feel free to contribute where and when you can, and to ask any questions that you cannot find the solution to in the Endeavour OS Wiki located here Also you can try the official Arch Wiki located here for some things, as Endeavour OS is Arch-based, however please remember that Endeavour OS is not Arch, simply Arch-based so some things (in my own experience) will require a more delicate touch than what some users of other Linux distros may be accustomed to, but do not allow that to dissuade you, as most solutions (again, in my own experience) will be no more than a question or two away. Here you will find a community that is always willing to help out the new user just as they have done for me. Seriously, this is one of the most friendly and helpful communities on the entire net! So, sit back, relax, and have some fun with this amazing OS!