I'm getting this error when updating and upgrading

pacman -Syu

it updates and upgrades well but I get an error before.

Looks like you should update your mirrors first.

how to do that in terminal?

You can use the reflector command

which command to use to install reflector?

It should be preinstalled.

The other way and the easier way is to use reflector-simple GUI app provided by endeavors.
It should be available in the Welcome app too

I dont know how to use the gui

What do you mean? Are you running EndeavourOS without a Desktop environment?

Sorry, I thought I needed to select a country manually.

In the end, all i had to do, was to open it and click on ok.

Thank you for helping.

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Yes, the app is appropriately named reflector-simple. It is very simple and easy to use. Glad it worked.
Are you able to update your system now?

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for further reading:


yes thank you

Glad you got your issue resolved!

In the future, please consider to post the terminal output as text and not as screenshot.

Copy, paste, highlight and press Ctrl-E to format.

Good luck on your Endeavour!



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