If your life was a movie what genre would it be?

Don’t know some kind of comedy with dramatic touch but it plays on repeat … :woozy_face:


Back in the day only the rich and famous rated a spot in this show, and was basically ran as a documentary. As a kid I used to watch this show all the time. Now I guess the internet is the medium, and you don t have to be rich and famous, though one of the big differences is there s no cutting room floor on the net.


FOSS philosophy .referant?

Animation - Cutout (like Southpark).
From standing outside everything looks false and artificial, but for the actors inside it feels and looks real. And, of course, everything is possible.

The implications of referencing that movie as an example of your life is interesting considering there are four versions of the movie. In a general sense it s a psychological thriller, but fits into many other categories depending on the viewer. No doubt it was an epic movie which is also what one would like to say about our own lives.

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Let me tell you about that time I played golf with the Dalai Lama . . . Cause at least I got that going for me.


This is a easy one.

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the screenrant people regurgitated a lot of content here…they diagnosed Willard with PTSD, talk about taking liberties…I disagree it was 4 different films; it was all variations of the same release…just a couple subplots changed. they mentioned nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, and Coppola’s wife’s documentary several times. why? word count?

what these people got right is that is a creative magnificent version of a very droll Conrad story. A total anomaly: true to the source in all the literary ways and deviated in all the visual ways. The other thing they got right is the studio release is the best release. Redux and Director’s cut were just bloat. Without doubt it’s a masterpiece that was edited for power in the theater release. A masterpiece either way, I suppose.

I did learn one thing: this FIrst Edit I never heard of. I have to find that. That sounds really cool. Thank you.

I found a workprint that s supposedly 5 hours long, but has low resolution. It s on rutracker, but for obvious reasons I won t post the link :shushing_face:

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, with a hint of Carry On Camping.

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