If you wonder why there's a silicon shortage for the common folks

Price shouldn’t be based on supply. Here the price is the price based on the manufacturers retail price guidelines. They don’t over inflate the prices because the demand is so high. What they are doing is taking steps to make sure that products is being sold to individual users. One purchase only and they ask for id and track it. They can’t get product but even if they can and do as it becomes available the price is the price and is sold to individuals on a first come basis.

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:exploding_head: That insane

have be that way for forever . you no change how world work ( that life )

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First of all, ignoring that you miss the point of this thread, which is that Crypto-currencty factories drive up prices and cause scarcity as well as ruining the environment (Bitcoin and their ilk is, as i said, a horrible thing for the environment AND drive up electricity prices for everyone else on top of it)…

…This is actually not how the market works. Because there is a price roof. I mean i abhor the free unregulated market since it literally only favor the rich (which is, for example, why healthcare for profit is a purely Evil idea), but more importantly there is a huge gap, most of the time, between theoretically possible price and what the average consumer is willing to buy an item for.

Pricing yourself out of the market is, except for a few luxury goods like hypercars, yachts and say penthouses next to Central Park, a real danger. NVIDIA, nor resellers, can’t mark up the prices over a certain point because the consumers will simply choose to do with their old card. You cannot just run a computer simulation to determine maximum price / availability point (say “1200 dollars”) for a card that without Crypto mining would be 400 dollars, because then NVIDIA wouldn’t sell any cards at all.

Heck, when it comes to actual necessities, people, even honest everyday people, will at some point turn to crime if a price point is too high. Again, the “Wonderful” American healthcare system is a perfect example. There is a reason actual prescription life-saving medicine is smuggled from say Canada; normal everyday average income families rather become criminals than to pay a price that make them have to choose between being homeless, or being alive.

What I’m saying is i deal with a reputable supplier. They have for the last 30 years always have the lowest prices on computer parts in Canada. They don’t over inflate prices because things are hard to get. The price is the price set by the manufacturer. They either have stock or they don’t. They’re working with manufacturers to make sure that product supply is available to the majority of individual users not for crypto mining.

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Remember the rare earth shortage? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Remember the Lithium shortage? Pepperidge Farm remembers. This is a “not sustainable” for decades now, but then demand drives innovation, those problems are solved, prices come down and suddenly there’s a ton of them.