If you wonder why there's a silicon shortage for the common folks

This shouldn’t be allowed! :angry:

It’s in Russia, so…
(However, silicon shortage aside, if people can literally just “print money”, how do you uphold any kind of value in the long run? I have said it before, the crypto business remind me way too much about the Dutch Tulip crash.)


It works just fine here in the states. I mean, we’ve been practicing fractional reserve banking for years, and it hasn’t done anything to inflate housing, minimum wage, or even fuel prices. You can’t even tell.

The history books all said it works. . .

Isn’t that what fiat money is all about? It can only work in certain places which can control the material resources of the planet and the supply chain. Any drastic alteration in the supply could lead that you won’t be able to get a single banana (or GPU for that matter :wink:) for not even a bunch of 100 dollars bills.

I don’t think any of us have the answers to world economics. I just think this is wrong. Can’t even get a graphics card no how. If you can it’s 3x the price.

The world is fresh out of this commodity that didn’t exist 50 years ago! What are the gamers gonna do? The horror! Think about those 3rd world children who still have to play games on an old outdated Xbox. . .

I’m just gonna file this under the “things that aren’t really problems” category.

You are aware that it’s not just GPU’s right? It is a genuine silicon shortage. Hence prices go up on all electronics.

But sure, I am sure you would just say the same thing during the gas crisis in the 70s, right? About oil? “It’s a commodity that didn’t even exist a century ago, who cares”

Plus, you know, Crypto “factories” are EXTREMELY bad for the environment and drive up electricity prices on top of it.

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Me? Man, I’d throw everything in the ocean and go back to fishing, hunting and living out of my backpack. A world without computers doesn’t sound so bad to me.

Fuel was almost $1.50 less per gallon this time last year. . . Some problems are more about politics than they are about problems. . .

I agree 100%. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s actually the number one reason why I avoid battery powered automobiles at all costs. They are many many magnitudes more environmentally unfriendly to Mr Polar bear than the old gasoline engine.

Holy shit!

Plus, there will be a shortage of the minerals required to make batteries and other electrical components soon. We’re just creating another problem.

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Totally bonkers…

I have found a solution to the Silicon shortage!




If the shelf is always empty that means the price is too low. None of us want to hear that I know…


Because it is false.

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It couldn’t possibly mean supply simply not meeting demand for whatever reason, right?

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Why is it false? The market sets the price, not the other way round. If your favorite gaming video card is priced at $50, it will always be sold out and you will have great difficulty getting one. If it is priced at $5,000 you’ll be able to find one any time you want! Somewhere between those two extremes is a rational price where supply & demand balance. If the price of electronic goods goes high enough, supply will catch up with demand.