If you are not depending on any Google services whatsoever

… then use this blocklist that I just came across at Github.

It can be used in PiHole to keep Google out of your Network.

I do not have a PiHole setup at the moment so I tested it as custom blocklist in uBlock.

It’s a rather extensive list and it works.


I’m curious of the long run with this list because google is everywhere, even some open source/self hosted website use google cdn for pulling fonts for example. Could almost make me go berserk :sweat_smile:

Pihole is great but sometime things broke and you don’t know that its stem from it. I’ve recently discover why i was not able to use https://ca.gate.endeavouros.com/, for some reason the domain was blocked because of some promiscuity with birdrepo.ddns.net that is blocked in some popular blocklists.

So yeah i’m curious :slight_smile:

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My partner gets infuriated with the piHole I set up because of things it blocks, and it’s rare that it happens because I don’t use very strict lists. I can only imagine the hell that would be raised if I started blocking all things with google in the name :sweat_smile:

That make privacy hard to sell for sure :sweat_smile: