If only one window, increase gaps?

Hello~ me again with some more noob questions :laughing:

So recently I switched from i3 to bspwm and there’s one thing I can’t figure out!

When I was using i3, I used smart gaps which made it so that if I only have one window open, it would open with more horizontal gaps, resulting in more a narrower(and centered) window. I want to replicate this behavior in bspwm but I couldn’t find much info.

this is how my screen looks right now and the red square is just an example of where I want the window to be when there’s only one.

Any advice is appreciated!

How come I can find the solution after I post this question??!

Solved it with single_monocle option in bspwmrc…

in case anybody wants to know

bspc config single_monocle true
bspc config left_monocle_padding 760
bspc config right_monocle_padding 760
bspc config top_monocle_padding 180
bspc config bottom_monocle_padding 180

replace padding numbers with whatever you please :upside_down_face: