If my audio/video needs are simple, can Pipewire be of any use?

My audio needs are as simple as they can get-playback stereo sound and record sound from a microphone. I have heard that Pipewire gives better compatibility for bluetooth and more advanced audio hardware. But I don’t have those. Will I get anything from switching to Pipewire?

Well if your setup works with PulseAudio without any need of configuring, the switch would propably be painless.

Will it give you anything? Propably not, but Pipewire will replace PulseAudio anyways at some point.


is there a setting that needs to be changed to switch from pulseaudio to pipewire? (or does pipewire just takeover when pulselaudio is removed?)

is “systemctl –user restart pipewire.service” necessary?

This should answer your questions


There is an old saying that might be applicable in this situation:

If it is not broken, do not fix it.

Then again, when it comes to PulseAudio, it is already broken from the start, so the saying may not be applicable after all. Audio on Linux sucks, and it is in large part due to the incompetence of that guy who wrote systemd and PulseAudio. Pipewire tries to fix this mess, but it is creating another different mess by doing so.

Why don’t you just join the development and show them, how things are supposed to be done? :wink:
I don’t share either of your statements. Systemd is a huge improvement compared to sysvinit and never gave me any problems. The same with PulseAudio and Pipewire (with one exception). Mumble always gives me some headache with the first start after booting. But as far as I can tell, it’s mumble misbehaving.

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