If a package does not get fully downloaded, then eos calamares installer's pacman will fail at integrity check or not?

So, the topic is my question.
Lets’ say the online installer is downloading a package and due to internet issues the package gets corrupted during the download or doesn’t download at all, will the eos log show that the package integrity check is not valid just like in normal case when pacman comes across a corrupted or not correctly downloaded package?

Or would it do the opposite and install it anyway, even though it is corrupted.

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Your question is hypothetical. Let us know if you see this behavior. :hugs:


If a package file is corrupt then pacman will not install it.


on install process eos uses pacstrap and pacman itself to install packages, and so package install will fail, in most cases this would let OS install fail also.
But it is indeed very hypothetic… if a package do not get downloaded pacman will go for the next mirror instead, the most “corrupted package” warnings are not caused by a real corrupted package and caused by key issue instead…