IDLE takes over 90%

Hello community,

Idle takes over 90 % when i checking by glances. whats that idle?

1.83/4.20GHz CPU \     7.6%  idle:    94.1%      MEM -   24.1%      SWAP -    0.0%      LOAD    8-core
CPU  [  7.6%]   user:     3.5%                      total:  7.48G      total:    512M      1 min:    0.68
MEM  [ 24.1%]   system:   1.6%                      used:   1.80G      used:        0      5 min:    0.55
SWAP [  0.0%]   iowait:   0.3%                      free:   5.67G      free:     512M      15 min:   0.25

I am not sure when glances is reporting on there, but if it is CPU then idle is when a CPU core isn’t doing anything.

So if your system is over 90% idle that means it isn’t doing anything CPU intensive or you have so many cores that even when it is doing something CPU intensive, most of your cores are still not doing much.

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