Ideas and discussion on the future of the forum

Where do I apply? :grin:

It should just be a rule we can copy and paste and be all great and passive aggressive about it.

I do not agree with the approach of preemptively enforcing restrictions or putting up measures. If something gets out of hand we should deal with it when it happens. It might never happen. I say keep on being a nice a friendly community and don’t worry about what will be.



I think you got what I said the wrong way.

No, don’t get the wrong idea we’re not taking up pitchforks and torches to go on cult crusade. We’re just discussing it would be good to have a set of guidelines for the newest users.

I don’t think anyone in this thread is going to call any other new user those names. Because we care about this place. For me, this is the place I come to relax and have a constructive chit chat or read a joke.

Even though I’m not old as many here I got a taste of what this place is. We just want to keep it that way and help while welcoming new users.

Flagging is done when there’s trolling or flaming happens but flagging every or the worst posts might increase the work mods like you have to do. So having a set of guidelines might help in some way to manage.

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Anyway, I’m done I said what I have to say. Also, I was not angry or anything if my text expressed something like that sorry. Was not my intention.

Have you all read this post, it is pinned at the top of the forum and for every new user to see. You can link to it in some cases.


This already happened the previous days (i.e “help vampire” is a term that has not surfaced on this thread first). Keep in mind, mods do not always directly intervene in order to not stir up a thread even more, some fires die out by themselves as soon as they start. That doesn’t mean troublesome posts are being ignored. Too much policing is not conducive to a relaxed and friendly community.

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Also keep in mind that you don’t have to interact with every forum member. If you find someone annoying or offensive, just block him or her. You choose which members to help and what questions to answer: EndeavourOS Tech Support is not your job, if you answer someone’s question you do that out of kindness and the desire to help people. You don’t have to be helpful to anyone, let alone those you don’t like and consider “help vampires”. Users who can’t be bothered to phrase their question in a polite and meaningful way probably don’t deserve your time and effort.


I see only 12 clicks on this last link. Meaning new users are unfortunately not reading it. That’s one of the problems.

True I also followed the link on the arch wiki. But the sad thing is that it really feels like that.

This is new, and hope will not take over this forum. It’s difficult to flag these posts and also I don’t feel like answering them, it’s not fun or relaxing. It’s a tricky situation. Perhaps it will pass, perhaps not.

I do it all the time lol.


We really can’t do more than this, just link to it when a user isn’t aware of the rules.

I mean, a lot of users never visited the website either, considering the suggestions I receive on a daily basis and I still answer those and link them to the website and forum.

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I generally link to the wiki log tool in the forum and I also mention the welcome app which has the log tool, it’s just one click away and provides a link with all the infos. It’s pretty amazing. Perhaps it may be good to add a couple of nifty tips and tricks in the calamares slideshow. New users have to stare at it anyways :wink:


I think that’s an excellent idea! It has my personal stamp of approval.


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We do have slides that mention the wiki and the forum, already. I’m afraid tips and tricks will get lost after a user starts diving into the system. :wink:

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The only problems I see with putting in some how-to slides is that they would need to be fairly near the start of the slideshow list! Otherwise the install is over and done with before the installer gets to them! 3 to 5 minutes for an online install isn’t that long! :grin:

In my opinion, the install slides are mostly composed of meaningless fluff (at least they were the last time I installed EndeavourOS), and I think they should be completely redone to include only useful information. I support any initiative to change them for the better.

Of course, to me personally, that is not very important, since I don’t really install EndeavourOS that often, and when I do, I just ignore that part. It’s just a place where I see a lot of room for improvement.


So you want to have a couple of nice frogs telling people how to behave on slides…? :rofl:


We have redone the slides twice this year, but I think in your opinion, it would still be fluff. :wink: Most installations are done around 7 minutes and like you, many others don’t take notice of them or read them without taking them in.

This project still has a fun factor and is a labour of love for us, we’re not a company or an organisation that wants to change the world and we are going to emphasize that factor from the upcoming release. People must understand that everyone over here, the team, the mods and the entire community are hobbyists who are doing this for the love and fun of it. So a little fluff is allowed :wink:


There’s nothing more insulting or hurtful than wasting someone else’s time. That’s what help vampires do, knowingly or unknowingly.

I’d rather point out something to someone who didn’t know what they were doing than to waste the time of tried and true helpful members who have made this place fantastic. I’ll never show that little disrespect to all of you while have done so much to help here.


Ive said this all along. Users posting issues and no hardware info. The first thing that should be in a post is an explanation of the exact issue they are having and then saying here is the output of my hardware.
This is the way i like to see it as it is one hundred times easier to look at. Most of my troubleshooting is based on hardware.

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog

I also like to see the logs sent via the same process. It’s much easier to see and doesn’t fill the post with large windows of scrolling boxes.