Idea for quarterly newsletter/magazine

I know we still have a lot of work to cover, especially for the net installer, but I want to run an idea by you.

From the beginning, our vision for this project always has been to make the community more dynamic by taking part actively. This can be in helping out fellow community members and developing useful packages or helping to code.
I also opted the idea for the community to participate in writing articles for the website. From that idea came another idea, that has been requested by @lhb1142 today by coincidence, to make a magazine-like newsletter that has some in-depth look on the Archlinux system and some commands, with a few highlighted apps and packages, released once quarterly.
I think this is a very nice addition, especially for newbies.

What do you think of this idea and are there any enthusiasts among you to join me on this?


Great idea!
This is how it should be in the community.
But I, for example, can not help (experience is not enough), although I will regularly act as a “reader” :blush:

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Dear Bryan,

Obviously I like the idea. I would suggest that the magazine be formatted similarly to FULL CIRCLE MAGAZINE. When one opens the .pdf version of that magazine, one can set the document viewer (I use evince) to have one page fill the computer screen AND the font is large enough to read comfortably without having to scroll up and down. You can change the page just as though you were reading an epub.

I myself know nothing about producing such a magazine (or anything else about coding, etc.) but I could write articles if I actually had something to say and in which I thought others might be interested.

Thanks for putting out my suggestion. I repeat (for the umpteenth time) that I’m really looking forward to trying Endeavour OS on Monday. I HOPE it is as stable and user-friendly as was Antergos.



A great idea!

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This plan was already on my future goals for the project, I’m planning to release this at first in a newsletter-like way, just to see if the idea really catches on.

EndeavourOS has a large Spanish speaking community and I spoke to one of the members and apparently, there’s not much interest in that community for something like this, since the open-source community over there is oversaturated with formats like this. I’m going to try anyway, hoping it will catch on to the rest of the community.
That’s the fun part of starting a new project, to try out things and see if it will work.

Having said that, don’t expect the first release to be in the upcoming weeks, it’s more likely it will see the daylight in the last quarter of the year.

Dear Bryan

A first release during the last quarter of 2019 (or even the first or second quarter of 2020) would be fine. With all that you are doing now (and with all you will be doing after the OS is released), no one, certainly not me, can hope for superhuman efforts.

Take your time and that will be okay. Perhaps one of the Spanish-speaking members can offer a translation service for the newsletter (magazine).


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Perhaps borrowing some of the ideas for topics that show up in the PCLOS monthly could plant some ideas for “harvest” here

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It can easily be done that way. Scribus is pretty good for this.

@Bryanpwo it might be a good idea for later if the team grows, because you seem a bit thin spread right now with all the work on the new ISO and all.

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This post is also a request for members who like to join in in this project.:wink:

I love it how you’re so into making this project work :slight_smile:

I could offer my help to write some stuff :wink:

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That’s great, that’s already one more in this project.:grin: