I3wm for EOS net-install - lets do it together!

You can install and load xfce-panel along with i3, i use it here, very handy
exec --no-startup-id xfce4-panel --disable-wm-check &


There is also a dmenu theme for rofi that works far better than dmenu as it is aware of snaps and flatpaks.

rofi -show drun -theme dmenu -show-icons


Thank you :pray:

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ready for testing:

simple follow the README.md from a xfce4 install will work others may also but better test in a vm xfce4 offline or netinstall.

  1. git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-team/i3-EndeavourOS.git

  2. cd i3-EndeavourOS

  3. cp -R .config/* ~/.config/

  4. chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts (make scripts executable)

  5. cp .Xresources ~/ (needed colorcheme for menu)

  6. sudo pacman -S --needed - < packages-repository.txt

  7. logout and choose i3 to login again


I’ll have a go at this tonight after work. Thank You @joekamprad.

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For me it works well, I also don’t install many cosmetic chips, I like to use the WM almost as default (less problems …)


Works on net install XFCE metal.


but both not starting filesystem-manager and Browser per default? i do see only Terminal Tab there should be 3:

If you do, they start with the 3 rows and as they are used, they disappear, then with dmenu or rofi they are back.

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Okay…i also have installed it. Now how do i use it? What are all the key configs?

How do you get that background on i3 and bring up screenfetch. Then you did a screenshot?


Background use ‘nitrogen’
For screenshot press print on keyboard.

Okay i will read if i have to… :weary:

Here is a cheat sheet
When I first used i3 I used this as my background! Easy to access.

Here is a topic with some tips and tricks



I was just wondering if it was set up with defaults or was custom? Because if it’s custom how would i know?

Edit: Okay i scrolled further down on the page and now i see the other info. Too many windows open here.

Thanks Pudge. I hope to get some time to look at it this weekend and play around with it to become more familiar.

If i split the screen in the terminal how can i open firefox or any other app in that window? If i open firefox it opens on it’s own in a full screen. If you have an app open can you split the screen from there?

This was how I learned how to use i3
Making it pretty took some more searching but this page has all the basics covered. Also, the man page was helpful.

From the read me on joe’s github:

Main shortcuts:

* [mod]+ **enter**  = open terminal (terminator)
* [mod]+ **w**  = open Browser (firefox)
* [mod]+ **n**  = open Filebrowser (PCmanfm)
* **F9**  = app menu (rofi)
* **F4**  = close focused app [kill]

# Tiling mode is tabbed:

so each new window will open fullscreen as a tab, you can change between window-tabs with mouse or shortcut:

* [mod]+ **Left**  focus left (left arrow key)
* [mod]+ **Right**  focus right (right arrow key)

So right now the default is set to full screen. You would need to edit the config to change that. I plan on tinkering with this over the next several days. I’ll post progress here.

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cant level up the brightness :smirk:

is a minimum