I3WM causes overheat

For a strange reason this WM creates a overheat in my Netbook Intel Atom N455 the temperature up to 99 Grades its a cause delete the WM and go to XFCE again in this DE the system normally between 68 to 74 Grades.
I suppose the WM puts to work hard the processor and overheat.

oh even got higher… wm does not have a session general, you have lesser processen…but you didnt had to remove i3wm directly even you could use xfce power manager mayby thats a different

that’s the reason i suggest thermald as i3wm do not provide such mechanism

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Install this program but never down the temperature in my analysis the WM uses a higher proccessor to construct the windows and a sibgle cores machimes doesnt provide this only to mewer machimes I3 I5 I7 RYZEN etc uses this and its a better performance to process WM perhaps DE uses only SWAP and Memory to process the data

Did you enable the service?

sudo systemctl enable --now thermald



yes it does not work if you only install the scripts, you need to enable the service to let it run, and it needs some time to analyse system before starting to take action…
check if it is running with systemctl status thermald

and on most system it needs to change configuration to work also…
as i do write in the tutorial here:

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Yes the service be enable

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Yes its true check again later