i3QT set up

Ok, since I’m getting ready to do this on my desktop, I thought I’d start a thread as a guide to anyone else doing this, list the problems I’ve had, list the solutions I’ve come up with, and just spitball ideas in no particular order. I’ll update this post as things are tweaked. Right now I’m sorting things out on my POS laptop. As to the obvious question of why, that’s because I use a fair number of QT apps, and I figure it’s best to have a solid QT system installed to make sure they work properly. Yes, I could just start with i3 and add them, but having done that in the past I’ve had the occasional weird behavior, which this seems to solve.

Ok, so let’s get started. First step should be obvious, install both LxQT and i3 with the online installer. However, don’t be like me and do exactly that, you’ll want to make some decisions like do you want two window managers? What about file managers? Screenshot utilities? There’s a number of things that’ll get duplicated. Me personally I prefer to punt Thunar and keep PCManFM-QT as it’s lighter, stick with scrot, and punt OpenBox as LxQT can use i3 as it’s window manager should I want to run it.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time for a few tweaks. Either comment out/erase the Dex entry in your i3 config file, or edit XDG autostart folder to remove LXPanel and LXKeyShortcuts. You can keep the panel if you want, however it will give you an invisible panel at the bottom of the screen which will push your i3 bar up a bit, and I’m not sure how to fix that. I removed everything LxQT as I had no plans to ever use it, and it won’t break anything.
Next downlowd QT5CT, create the /etc/profile.d/qt5ct.sh file with
export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=‘qt5ct’ as the contents, that’ll let you them your QT apps.
Finally add ‘exec --no-startup-id lxsession’ to your config file.

After that, it’s just a matter of adding the apps you need that weren’t automagically installed originally.

Issues so far:
Deadbeef is ignoring the theme for some reason
PCMan is having problems with some of the icons, though that one might be issues with the icon theme I’m using.
Need to decide on a panel, bar or dock. I really only need a systray and a clock preferably with a pop up calendar. I know the existing bar can do two out of those three, but the third? Also have to look into settings, I prolly just want a two line panel, time/date on line 1, tray on line 2, and shove it into a corner
Need a way to make an image accessible for dragging into Google docs to mark them done. My current UKUI I simple keep the image on the desktop which obviously isn’t an option here. Maybe a panel accessory or something that’ll keep the image readily available?
Wallpaper rotation, set up a script that tells Nitrogen to change it and then set up a chron job to run that? Anything better? Do I even need Nitrogen to do that, or is it the easier solution?

Yes, that’s a lot of work just to get QT apps working reliably on the system, but what can I say, I gotta have Phototonic, Ripcord, Ark and a few others.

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is this needed? i would think that you could use lxqt settings to setup qt theming? as i3 is not a so called GTK environment what is qt5ct for?

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While I would say it isn’t absolutely necessary, I did find when I ran LxQT a few months ago, LxAppearance couldn’t reliably set QT apps whereas QTCT once you get it set up is flawless.

And I’m using the set up again, and for some reason my cursor is massive in this window. Bah, minor problem, I can live with a blind man’s cursor.

qt5ct is not needed afterall lxqt manage there own…

Also its not out of the box you have to config i3 and lxqt also to work properly…

but general i dont use qt5ct also not in sway… just direct kvantum :slight_smile:

for wall paper would replace it for nitrogen atleast.

Kvantum is another option, but for my needs it’s rather overkill, I just need dark theme and the icons of my choice.

Yep, Nitrogen is standard in i3, the only real question which I’ve added to my post is whether scripting a wall paper change in Nitrogen and then running the script as a con job is the best solution. I suspect running Nitrogen from the terminal is easier than the alternative.