I386? Gtk or Kde for Deepin apps?

First off great job on the installer. It installed flawlessly with Deepin in Virtualbox. A friend mentioned he ran into some issue when he tried to install multiple desktops at same time.

I just wondered if there was any version of this available for archlinux 32 users. (yes I realize it’s an ancient laptop and even worse has a sis video chip but it’s the one I don’t mind taking out into public and risk it getting stolen)

Manjaro 32 has pretty much been abandoned. Arch linux 32 looks to still be going however installing via archfi bash script is getting me to a system that won’t boot into X because the vesa driver is not included. It’s currently the only pc I still have running a debian based distro and I’d like to have all of them on arch.

When installing apps for Deepin which will require the least resources? Gtk or plasma apps? I know the recommendation is already 4GB to run Deepin and the laptop I’m going to install it on has exactly 4GB…I can improve things a little with zram-tools, preload, prelink etc but figure it’s best to ask.

Thanks again for the great job!

There is no arch32 version for EndeavourOS, would be to much to handle for our little team also.

mostly stuff inside deepin is now using qt, but there is still some gtk based stuff in use too … so may qt apps will better integrate.

Thank you for the fast reponse. I prefer QT so that will work out great. I just noticed when installing krusader is was pulling in alot of packages so I thought I’d check.

I certainly understand about having to prioritize with a small team. I had hoped it was something simple such as being able to point to the arch32 libs and “build” a similar iso which would also allow the desktop of choice. That’s something I’d play with if there was documentation on building an iso such as the installer one somewhere. I’ll just keep that one laptop on “sparkylinux” which is “debian buster” with lxqt. Appreciate the hard work you’ve done and the friendly atmosphere. I’ve encountered different attitudes in some of the arch forums.

From direct experience, the ideal apps under Deepin are those in GTK3: when I tried Manjaro Deepin, just installing Okular brought with it 300 MB of dependencies … moreover, for what is written in Qt Deepin, it uses the CSD logic (side decorations client) for windows, while for Plasma5 applications and the others in Qt (apart from Opera, which integrates beautifully into Deepin) they are server side.