I3: userguide.html missing

I was disappointed that /usr/share/doc/i3/ no longer included userguide.html. Not everyone has an always-on 'Net connection. It was pointed out to me (GitHub i3 Discussions) that i3-git (AUR) has the doc. Good enough reason for me to switch packages.

You could just do the below in a terminal.

wget https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html

And if you want it to be formatted more similarly to the way the actual webpage looks, then go to the page yourself and Save As “Webpage Complete”.

I’m guessing wget can go this too, though.

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But you need internet for that.

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Funny response. I’m assuming you misinterpreted this part:

It doesn’t mean they never have a connection. It just means they don’t always have one. So, they could download it now, then not need the connection to access it in the future.

I do have some 'Net access. :slight_smile: .

Go-and-get means I have to remember to do so when the package changes.

Besides, it’s not actually a single page. I could use something like httrack, but if it’s installed with a package, that makes life simpler.

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Do you mean the user guide isn’t a single page? Because it actually is.

The screens page just shows screenshots and links to YouTube vids, and the others bring you to GitHub.

Unless you mean the docs page, which is different. → https://i3wm.org/docs/

refcard.html is separate. Maybe more.

I see. Yeah, as I thought. You could probably solve that with the same suggestion, though.

But do whatever is more convenient for you. :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the suggestion, but unless there’s a reason to avoid i3-git, I think I’ll use it.

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Well, usually the idea is to only use AUR packages if there is some extra feature or missing feature from what is available in the official repos. In this case, it’s a missing feature.

So, no, no reason to avoid it that I can think of.

Also, being that your post wasn’t asking for assistance, just stating what you would do as a result of a missing feature, it would be a good idea to request that feature from the guys who actually control what’s available and what’s not.

These guys:

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