I3 System Tray Question

Newbie question on the System Tray. I have the Network Manager icon and the Bluetooth icon at the right edge of the tray.

Is there a way to move those icons over to the left so they are not tight to the screen edge? Could I put the simple-2 spacer at the end of the bar?

I don’t see them in i3Blocks or the config file, so I don’t know how to arrange them.

Thanks very much


5.9. Tray padding
The tray is shown on the right-hand side of the bar. By default, a padding of 2 pixels is used for the upper, lower and right-hand side of the tray area and between the individual icons.
tray_padding [px]

The padding just makes the icons smaller or larger but does not move them away from the edge? Not what I expect reading the user guide??

I guess the system tray is what it is.

I would like to change the icon on the network manager as well. It is just a white icon.

Thanks for trying to help


That can be changed by using a different icon theme for your system. (Yes, it will change all icons to the new icon theme)

you can also use another bar like polybar or else, i3bar is a bit limited when you want to customize it.

I will look at the icon themes too


I’m always there if you need help with polybar :clinking_glasses:

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Great, thanks very much. I am just getting EOS running well and really like i3. I am setting the mouse aside more and more!



you can try:
tray_padding 3

tray_padding 3 makes the nm and bluetooth icons just a little to small for old eye.

I am using padding 1 and increased the font on the bar to 14. That seems to give me enough contrast on the nm icon to see the little square box indicating my VPN is connected.

BTW Doktor, your tutorial on changing the Bluetooth icon color was much appreciated :slight_smile:


nice to get feedback :wink: and see that it is still working !

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If I may impose upon you for a little polybar assistance: is there a polybar config already in use in EOS somewhere that I could download? I find it a million times easier to start with someone else’s config and modify. The default with polybar requires way too much editing and reading that I don’t have time for right now. Thank you in advance.