I3 questions (notification sounds, steam games always in floating mode, etc.)

I’m here once again having some i3 questions that I’m struggling with. I’m hoping someone else can help me out a little bit. :slight_smile:


  1. Notification sounds: Is it possible with Dunst to get notification sounds playing? I tried searching in the documentation but couldn’t see any settings for it. So my assumption is not, but if that is the case, what do people use where they also get sounds? Or do you just skip sounds? (For new emails, messages, warnings, etc.)
  2. Starting Steam Games, always in floating mode: Is this possible? So I don’t have to set it per game, but rather just all games ever, goes into floating mode on start?
  3. Live-update sounds output: I asked how to create a new shortcut in i3 to toggle between two settings. I managed that after getting help. However, when I jump between two different audio-outputs I have to restart whatever is playing audio to get it to switch. (E.G. Move from headphones to speakers, or the other way around). I’m calling this terminal command:
pacmd set-default-sink 0
pacmd set-default-sink 1

Is there anyway I can “restart” pulseaudio or do something else when I switch to make it “live-change” between the audio-outputs like it does in KDE.

I think that are all my current questions.

Thanks in advance!