I3 panel not showing running processes

Hello! I recently reinstalled EndeavourOS (Got new SSD), and I copied my i3 configs over so everything is how it used to be, however, usually when I opened apps like Discord, Mega, Telegram and Slack, their icons would appear on the bottom panel, where I could exit them or open them up from, but after reinstalling, I see it’s not there anymore, did I maybe configure something wrong or forget to install something?

I3 tray… it is setup in config of i3 …

it could be that you have no primary display set: set one (xrandr --output <output> --primary)
# reference: https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#_tray_output
		    tray_output primary
		    tray_padding 0
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Hello! Thank you for your reply, could you specify where? I copied my previous config over, so it shouldn’t’ve done removed it, since it was there before

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Added the info above .

Thank you! That worked for me (tip for those who’d rather not user xrander, arandr is a GUI version of xrander which is easier to use)

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