I3-panel-7? 500Gb disappeared

I just noticed my hard disk filled itself up somehow. 500 Gb was eaten up by something today, I watched it disappear in BPYTop.
I saw some processes under the systemd tree called “i3-panel-7” and “i3-panel-15” and such. I terminated those processes, and my CPU cooler instantly spun down letting me know I stopped something. Then, I carefully deleted some large video files, and now I have 27.6 tentative Gb of free space that is not being eaten up.
I am new to i3, I didn’t even know there was an i3 panel I thought it was called i3bar or i3blocks.
I’m just hoping someone has a guess as to what was eating up my hard drive. I don’t know where to start investigating.

For clarity, the ONLY processes I terminated were the i3-panel processes. Every Kb of free space was being eaten up real-time as I deleted stuff until I terminated those processes.

Word of the day is impatience. Instead of trying to learn why this was happening, I just backed up and reinstalled Endeavour. On the bright side, I’m using the i3 edition and it’s extremely easy to configure to how I like!

afaik there is no such thing for i3-wm it must be something independent from i3wm as i3-panel does not exit nor i ever see such process running…
And the first rule on asking for help is providing useable information:


Thank you for that because I knew I needed to provide something but I didn’t know what. Bookmarked, will read when I return home.

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